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Why South Dakota Trust Company (SDTC)?

With currently more than $30 billion in assets under administration, SDTC offers pure trust administration without any product, working with whomever the client or advisor wishes regarding investments, insurance and custody. Additionally, SDTC also administers trusts with non-financial assets, e.g., LLCs, FLPs, closely-held stock, real estate and off shore entities. As a result of South Dakota's competitive and unique trust, asset protection, income tax, and private family trust company laws, SDTC works with families all over the globe, serving as trustee, as well as, corporate and/or trust agent for family-owned private trust companies.

SDTC currently works with over 80 billionaire and 200 centa-millionaire clients who have chosen SDTC due to the following:

  • Highest ranked Trust jurisdiction in the U.S. (#1 in all categories) by Trusts & Estates magazine (1/16)
  • Tax favored trust situs (no state income or capital gains tax)
  • Outstanding, timely, and inexpensive reformation/modification and decanting processes/statutes
  • Excellent asset protection
  • Modern and unique trust statutes
  • Customized trust administration
  • Quality personalized service
  • Unique and creative advice
  • Reasonable fees
  • Directed trusts average 10 bpts.
  • Flat fee for illiquid assets

SDTC specializes in trust administration of trusts established pursuant to South Dakota law, as well as trusts of other states moved to South Dakota (i.e. change of situs trust). All of the above listed advantages and services are available through SDTC without the necessity of either the trust grantor or the beneficiaries having to visit, reside or even fly over South Dakota.

SDTC's founders, Pierce H. McDowell III and Al W. King III (see SDTC's management biographies here), have worked with wealthy families (including 15% of the Forbes 400) for many years. Based upon this experience and in evaluating the needs of ultra wealthy clients, Mr. McDowell and Mr. King created SDTC. For quite some time, Mr. McDowell has been head of the South Dakota Legislative Committee, which has resulted in South Dakota having the best domestic trust statutes in the U.S. Additionally, Mr. McDowell and other SDTC personnel sit on the board of directors of many wealthy families' Private Family Trust Companies (please visit for more information). Mr. McDowell was previously the president and co-founder of Citicorp Trust South Dakota.

Al W. King has served on the editorial board of directors of Trusts & Estates magazine for more than 22 years and was formerly a Vice Chairman/Managing Director and the National Director of Estate Planning at Citigroup. Mr. King was also co-founder of Citicorp Trust South Dakota in 1995. In addition, he is frequently published and quoted by several publications on various Estate Planning topics and addresses several professional organizations, special interest groups, and general audiences on the subject of estate and financial planning.

The experience and knowledge gained from working with these wealthy families since 1995, combined with the existing trust and legislative expertise, makes SDTC's offering very unique.

For additional information on please contact us or visit SDTC's main website,

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